Jan. 10, 2023

178 - A company started by Packaging Engineers! Dwayne Rainey from Advanced Packaging

178 - A company started by Packaging Engineers! Dwayne Rainey from Advanced Packaging
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Ok…so I have fallen a bit behind in getting these episodes out and you’ll notice in this interview we were discussing the hurricane in SC back in 2022…so you can time stamp when we recorded!

Anyways, the content is still great and so is Advanced Packaging

The company started back in 2012 by a few Clemson Graduates and has grown quickly since then. You can check out their story here

If you want to connect up with Dwayne, you can do so at:


If you listened to the podcast and wanted to connect with Specright to rid the world of waste. Let’s go! www.specright.com/pkg. Also, make sure you check out their Spec Summit in Nashville in 2023! Go here to register! I’ll be there live and in the flesh and doing some great interviews as well!


Are you sick and tired of the same positions at your PLANT consistently being open or just not being filled? Or maybe your facility just isn’t retaining talent due to not having dedicated recruitment support.

If you need contract-to-hire support, or you are looking to hire directly for industry professionals…. Spark Packaging can help. Spark Packaging is the industry partner who provides all your recruitment and staffing needs.  

If you are hearing this…and thinking “THAT’S ME”…You need to go to to SparkPackagingINC.com/HIRING , again that is SparkPackagingINC.com/HIRING and answer some of their questions. Once received a Spark team-member will reach out A-S-A-P! Tell them the Packaging Pastor sent ya!

This podcast is part of a great network of podcasts about packaging. Go follow Sustainable Packaging with Cory Connors along with Packaging Unbox’d hosted by Evelio Mattos

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